Posted by: talkjack | July 12, 2008

Does Harriet Harman think discrimination is funny?

At Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday July 9th 2008 Harriet Harman made a comment which people may find offensive and discriminatory.  Describing what will happen if she becomes Prime Minister, Harriet Harman said that ‘There aren’t enough airports in the country for all the men who would want to flee the country’.

What a shocking thing to say! Hopefully Harriet Harman was joking, but I find it to be bad taste.

Maybe all the noise from her house roof? Maybe those pesky male protesters, Fathers 4 Justice, lobbying for equality in parental rights for men are finally getting to her. Her latest ‘Equality Bill’ does not appear to include this type of equality however! (Click here for further info on Harriet Harman’s (in)Equality Bill.)

Is it hate speech?

I looked up the definition of Hate Speech. There is a very good definition on wikipedia. The definition includes intimidating or attempting to incite prejudicial action against a group of people based upon various criteria, including gender. Think about that for a moment. In my humble opinion, Harriet Harman’s statement might be seen as intimidating, or as a statement of intent to take prejudicial action against men based purely on their gender.

If you still do not think it is hate speech, try this simple test. Say out loud ‘ There aren’t enough airports in the country for all the X who would want to flee the country’ Now repeat that remark a few times, replacing X with a different word each time from this list: Men, Women, Asians, Jews, Gypsies, Moslems, Black people.

Indeed, what if Harriet Harman did get into power? If she was not altogether joking then her remark that men will want to flee the country implies her intent to make them want to leave, doesn’t it? How exactly? Harriet Harman has already stated her intention to take positive action (i.e. discriminate) against men in the job market. It is enough to make one wonder what else Harman has in store for us.

Can’t say I fancy being intimidated into leaving the country just because of my gender. This sounds like another step towards Bully Britain to me!

As always, I encourage you to form your own opinion. If you wish to decide for yourself, please review my sources. Harriet’s comment was reported by the BBC (click here). Look at the 12:16 report to see for yourself. The official transcript was published on this government site (click here).  As far as I can tell at the time of writing, Harriet Harman neglects to mention this quote on her own official website however. 

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  2. Well Charles, Angry Harry does have strong opinions, doesn’t he! I had not come across that website before, so i took a look via your link. I was interested to read the comparison between suffragettes activities and Fathers 4 Justice, which is an interesting idea and worthy of attention. Thanks for posting this.

    I have noticed that feminists are campaigning and lobbying for supremacy over men, not not equality with men, which to my way of thinking means that they have lost the moral high ground. I suspect Angry harry might agree with that – think I’ll ask him!

    … Talkjack

  3. Harriet Harman is enough to make ME want to flee the country! Bleh, feminists! Make me sick! (And I’m female!)

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