Posted by: talkjack | August 9, 2008

Followup to Talkjack’s Nuisance Hall of Shame – July 2008

Here is followup information on the July 2008 edition of Talkjack’s Nuisance Hall of Shame. The three award winners last month were Three, PC World and Global Market Research, all of whom gained recognition for unwanted business techniques such as making nuisance calls or sending junk mail to someone who opted out of receiving either.  Shame on them!

The original Talkjack Nusiance Hall of Shame for July 2008 can be found here.


I asked TPS (the telephone preference service) about the nuisance sales calls received from Three or their resellers. They wrote to me saying that they cannot tell whether the company is 3G, 3, Three, 3 Mobile, 3 network, Network 3 etc. They said this is because the resellers give different company names to the people they cold call depending upon which particular service they are trying to resell at the time. Or to paraphrase that in Talkjack speak, they mislead their customers. Talkjack thinks this is lying! I will never give any business to Three mobile or whatever name their sales force misleadingly use because of their horrible cold calls. However, these companies do seem to have found a way to work neatly around the Telephone Preference Service in order to get away with making nuisance calls to people who have registered not to receive them.

PC World

I wrote to PC World asking them why they had added me to their mailing list against my wishes and instructions. Razvaan A wrote back to me saying that he understood I wished to be removed from their mailing list and confirmed that it had been actioned. However as a representative of PC World Customer Services he failed to make me a happy customer because he completely ignored the main question I had asked, i.e. why did PC World add me to their mailing list in the first place? Still, at least I have made a small contribution to saving the environment by stopping them printing expensive multi-coloured cardboard junk mail and shipping it across the planet to my home just to end up in the bin. Talkjack still thinks that companies that which do this are eco-criminals.

Global Market Research

Talkjack is sad to report that Global Market Research have started harassing me again in August. It started when I received four nuisance phone calls to my home on the same day, anywhere between one and two hours apart throughout the day. Two calls were ignored (but identified via caller id) , two calls were answered only to be subjected to the intimidating ‘silent call’ treatment. Talkjack is convinced that this horrible marketing technique of making a string of nuisance calls is harassment and should be stopped.

On the next day their was another nuisance call, but this time a phone pest representing Global Market Research actually came on on the line to speak. The phone pest identified themselves as calling from Global Market research . He wanted to collect our personal data again. (Sorry, he actually said he wanted ‘to confirm they had my correct personal details’.) This phone call brought an end to the string of silent and nuisance calls received the day before, which indicates that Global Market Research were guilty of making all those intrusive nuisance calls to my home.

We told the nusiance caller that Global Market Research had phoned us recently to ask us the same thing. The caller got defensive and denied it. Talkjack knows that Global Market Research lied to us at that point. Do Global Market Research honestly believe that I am going to give my personal data to a company which lies to me? Maybe other victims of cold calling are more trusting but Talkjack cannot trust these people.

We told Global Market Research ‘Never call this number again’. That is a clear instruction for them to update their records and cease pestering us with nuisance calls. For crying out loud, why ignore the Telephone Preference Service registration when it is obvious that people who register with TPS do not want to be disturbed. Talkjack thinks it is due to greed; Global Market Research’s desire to make money appears to outweigh their desire to respect the privacy of the UK public. Such is life in Bully Britain.

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