Posted by: talkjack | September 5, 2008

Stalker Clear Sky spoilt by DRM

I was looking forward to buying STALKER: Clear Sky (aka S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) which has finally been launched. However, I am gutted to find that the publishers of Stalker: Clear Sky have decided to sneak the Starforce DRM system onto the game discs into the UK.

Therefore, following my risk assessment of the DRM system being deviously installed with Stalker Clear Sky I have decided not to purchase this game. All due to Starforce DRM being imposed, another sale lost. Don’t blame pirates for lost sales, blame the DRM – it is certainly true in this case.

I was talking to a fellow gamer today, who said he won’t be buying Stalker Clear Sky because of the DRM used. He told me that his room mate’s DVD drive had to be replaced because of Starforce, so I am not surprised he is avoiding games which require Starforce DRM to be installed on your PC. He too loved the original Stalker game. He did say that the Starforce news means that instead of buying the new Stalker game he will go back and finish the first game in the series, so all is not lost.

Annoyingly, when I did some googling about Stalker today, I read online that the DRM has already been cracked and the game has been pirated. So, once again, pirates are having a better time than honest customers. Typical 😦

I read yesterday that the US version of Stalker Clear Sky may be free of the Starforce DRM system. Shame the version being sold in the UK is infected with Starforce though, typical Bully Britain treatment.

If you are concerned about what the DRM will do to your computer then I encourage you to avoid Stalker: Clear Sky. Or see if you can buy the US version, which may be free of Starforce DRM.

I have treated myself to Space Siege and Sins of a Solar Empire instead. Both have kinder DRM and are great games. I thoroughly recommend checking these out instead of the latest Stalker game. Maybe one day publishers will take note of the harm their DRM is doing.

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  1. I’ve been happy with Steam games and downloads. I was going to buy both versions of STALKER but found out they have an activation limit of 5 via Tages. The developers decided do do this even though it was on STEAM???? Forget it! That’s 2 lost sales. I won’t buy Sims 2 for my kids because of DRM. I’m ready to give up on gaming.

    • Makes you wonder what goes through publisher’s heads in their greed for profit? One would think that respect for customers would be high on their list, but apparantly not? DRM is completely pointless on Steam. No wonder people say thet DRM is killing PC games!

  2. the US version has it as well. I did not realize it (why can’t OUR elected representatives have them clearly put the DRM scheme on the box???) and installed it.

    Fortunately for me, Windows 7 pops up with a “incompatible driver has been disabled” message – thanks Microsoft!!!

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