Posted by: talkjack | September 21, 2008

Another nuisance caller – Financial Analytics

Had my weekend interupted by a nuisance caller from a company called Financial Analytics. My caller ID said the business number was 000130156286. The guy spoke in broken English that I could barely understand, and had a strong Indian or Pakistani accent.

With my fancy new phones I knew it was likely to be a nuisance call from the particular ring tone I have set up. It you get a lot of nuisance calls then it is worth investing in these intelligent phones. My review of them is available by clicking here. I am experimenting with the unknown call barring facility at the moment, and it was afternoon, not night, so I decided to answer.

The guy phoned to pester my missus. When I asked why he wanted to speak to her he said that he needed to speak to her to tell her about the information he is sending her. I quietly checked with the missus, she has never heard of Financial Analytics and does not want to receive an business information from them. So much for the Telephone Preference Service then; Financial Analytics still phone you.

I always consider that nuisance callers are untrustworthy, and therefore fair game. I demanded that the man tell me what his relationship with my wife is. Always worth trying to get these callers as far away from their scripts as possible. They flounder, and waste their companies time and money. The longer I keep a phone pest on the phone, the less people they can call on that day. See, its almost a public spririted service to wind up nuisance callers.

I told the caller I would not put him through to my missus. If he was a legitimate caller then he would not have automatically wanted to speak to me instead, but he did. I told the guy I was not interested in talking to a nuisance caller.

I will say this for the guy – at the point I suggested to him that he was a nuisance caller he apologised and thanked me for speaking to him. I asked him to update his companies records to ensure that they never disturb us again. He said he would, before politely hanging up. If I ever hear from Financial Analytics again I will let you know they were lying to me! After all, if they flout my privacy and my TPS registration then I will never trust cold callers.

As an aside, someone told me I was wrong to call these nuisance callers ‘pests’. My response to this is to direct them to the dictionary definition of the word ‘pester’. When I described the amount of harassing nuisance calls received from certain businesses then the word ‘pester’ is a fair definition of what these busiensses are doing to Uk citizens like myself who have opted out of receiving business calls on our private home numebrs in our private time. If someone is pestering me then they are a pest. Seems I won that point!

If you have received nuisance calls from 0001301561286 or a company calling themselves Financial Analytics then please feel free to post a comment here.



Update 26/09/08

Depressingly, Financial Analytics again tried to pester my family. They nuisance caller phoned again five minutes ago, this time witholding his number. He gave his name as Maya (which is a usually girls name in Britain) and clearly stated he is from Financial Analytics.

Blatently Financial Analytics are liars, and should not be trusted. They promised me a week ago that they would never call again. If they phone again I will ask for their website address to see how they respond.

If you get a call from Financial Analytics do not give them your personal details. They keep asking for your personal finance details. No way would I recommend trusting these phone pests.

When I told the caller his company had phoned last week and had promised not to call again he apologies and hung up in about one second. If there is a hell, nuisance callers such as these guys will be burning in it for ever.

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  1. I’ve just had a call from them, the details of which I could barely hear or understand. I was told that I would be receiving a publication of some sort through the post “at no cost to yourself”. The caller knew my name and home address, which she said she was seeking to confirm. When I asked who she was, she said thank you and hung up. This was not a recording, however, as I told her at the outset that I could not hear what she was saying as some of the words were being clipped by the distance of the signal, and she asked me if I could hear her better once she started speaking louder. I am now expecting some unsolicited goods to arrive in the post from overseas, possibly with future ones to follow, and no doubt requests for payment. They are going to be unlucky!

    • Hi Paul… Sorry to hear you have been pestered by these nuisance callers too. Thanks for sharing your experiences, the info may help someone else in the UK when Financial Analytics cold call them.

      I would not pay them for unsolicited goods either, in fact I would invoice a daily rate them for storage!

      Please let us know if you do receive anything further from them, especially if it helps to identify who they are, or if they are reselling products or services from a UK based company. Naming and shaming is about the only thing we can do, it seems!

  2. I had a phone call from a female, with this number coming up in my caller display.
    She said something about wanting to send me a report.
    She was asking me detailed questions about my address, like – does your house have a name? what is the number of the house? what is the street name? does it have a local area name, what is the town name? does it have a county name?
    At this point I queried why she wanted this amount of detail for my address to send me a report. At this she said goodbye and hung up!
    It certainly felt as though there was something “not right” about this call!!!

  3. Just been called for the second time by this 000130156286 number. The company called themselves Equity somethingorother. He knew my address, but asked if there was a house name, and, curiously, a village name. Then he wanted my postcode, at which point I hung up.

    It’s nice to know there are others who have been pestered by this ‘company’, and thanks for highlighting this scam.

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