Posted by: talkjack | October 19, 2008

Amber – a local Coventry business and nuisance caller.

This week I received a nuisance call from Amber. It was a business number, offering me a quote on the following morning ‘because they are in my area’. My caller ID showed the nuisance call came from 02476636682.

The phone pest was polite and I would describe the stranger as ‘a blokey English sounding guy’. Very unusual these days for me to get a nuisance call from a local company, especially from an English guy who I could clearly understand. Most nuisance callers to Talkjack Towers are overseas phone pests from organised call centres who are barely understandable due to their thick accents and badly spoken English. This particular nuisance caller, however, sounded like a local Coventry chav.

I searched the web for information on Amber, and straight away found their web site. I searched Google for their phone number, and found that other people have been receiving nuisance calls from this number too. As usual, I am not the only person who has been harassed by this nuisance caller, judging from the web pages I found.

I told the caller that I was registered with the Telephone Preference Service. He had obviously heard this before, and gave me a standard, robotic reply about removing me as soon as I mentioned TPS. Well, at least I think he meant to say ‘remove my phone number from his system’, rather than give me a death threat!

When Amber make nuisance business calls I wonder where they get people’s private numbers from. The chavvy sounding caller would not say. This gives me no confidence that they can be trusted with my private data, which they have apparently collected and are abusing against my wishes.

A message for the Telephone Preference Service:

“I have reported numerous nuisance calls to you over the years. I have yet to see a reduction in the number of nuisance calls I receive after reporting companies to you. Indeed, a prime example is when you failed to sort out repeated nuisance calls from BT Internet, leaving me to eventually succeed after months of effort and five separate requests to them. I have lost confidence in TPS.

In the case of Amber, however, the TPS have a clear UK phone number, obviously from a local Coventry business, which they can easily identify. It is 02476636682. Even if the caller gave a false name, TPS should still be able to trace the phone number. Please fix the problem with this nuisance caller.”

A message for the Information Commissioner’s Office:

“Please consider the way Amber have misused my personal data. My private telephone data is being processed in order to make unwanted nuisance marketing calls. I believe this contravenes the UK Data Protection Act.

Amber appears to be disturbing other people with nuisance calls too, given the search results I found on Google. Please investigate this business number: 02476 636682. Please fix the problem with this nuisance caller.”


Well, there lies the rub. TPS and ICO seem powerless to prevent members of the public in Bully Britain being harassed by unwanted nuisance phone calls on a constant basis. These nuisance calls are frequent interruptions to private life in the UK. They make life worse, leaving people annoyed, stressed or even scared (when silent call techniques are used).

Nuisance calls are not a legitimate marketing tactic; they have become a constant harassment to private phone numbers in Bully Britain. And the authorities have still not fixed the problem, after all these years. In fact, the number of nuisance calls seems to increase every year.

I, for one, have made it policy to always avoid buying goods or services from any company which harasses me in my home and fails to respect my privacy or my personal data.

So I suggest that anyone annoyed by nuisance calls from Amber in Coventry go to the TPS website and report the incident. If the Telephone Preference Service is not totally ineffectual then maybe they will do something about this nuisance business and their illegal marketing techniques. I, for one, will never do business with Amber now that they have shown that they are more interested in money than in respecting a potential customer’s privacy.

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  1. On 6th November 2008 at approx 16:55 I was driving towards the A45 on the outskirts of Coventry. I was driving at just under the 40mph speed limit when an aggressive van driver decided to pull out of a side road at speed, then bully his way between me and the car in front.

    This bully of a driver forced me to step hard on my brakes in order to avoid a collison. I had to drop to below 20 mph in a couple of seconds, which I was able to do. safely. My heart was pounding and I was filled with a jolt of adrenaline thanks to this nastiness from the van driver.

    The van in question was kind of orange coloured, and had on the drivers side the sort of ‘brackets’ designed to hold panes of glass. When I got to the A45 junction we ended up side by side in different lanes.

    The writing on the side of the van, of course, prominently declared the company name of Amber

    So you see, nuisance calling does raise businesses profile. I instantly recognised the company in question, the aggressive, bad driver was a representative of Amber, which I instantly recognised from the logo on their website. I only looked up Amber’s website because of their illegal niuisance calls.

    Such is life in Bully Britain.

    … Talkjack

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