Posted by: talkjack | November 2, 2008

Talkjack – what Talkjack’s Weblog is all about

Hello and welcome to Talkjack’s Weblog. Here at Talkjack’s home page you will find Talkjack’s commentary on a wide variety of subjects.

Talkjack likes to write about real issues that make life better or worse (lets face it, more often than not, its worse!)

Talkjack believes that spreading the truth about what businesses behave in the UK and what the authorities get up to, will paint an interesting picture of real life and how it feels to live in the UK. Shining the light of truth upon the way he has been treated in life, Talkjack is not afraid to talk back!

Talkjack lives in Coventry, which is in the heart of the United Kingdom. Born and raised in the UK, Talkjack has lived here for all his life. He feels ideally placed to report on local and national issues. If you live overseas and are thinking about migrating to Britain, you can get a flavour of what life is like in Coventry for an average household.

It is not without reason that Talkjack has dubbed the UK ‘Bully Britain‘. No single thing has caused British citizens to feel intimidated or bullied, but it is the cumulation of poor treatment from the public authorities and big businesses which make life in Bully Britain much less pleasant than it could and should be. Oh sorry, did I say British citizens? Actually I think we are all British Subjects!

Welcome to the worst surveillance society in the western world. Welcome to a country where the rights of the individual come behind the rights of rich businesses to harass us with nuisance calls, sell or lose our private data, impose draconian licencing laws upon every day products like music, movies and computer games, and deviously impose harsh and nasty DRM schemes onto our private home computers etc.

Its not all doom and gloom though. Here at Talkjack’s Weblog, you can find out information about recommended goods and services which actually do make living in the UK a better experience.

So, come on in, make yourself at home and have a browse around Talkjack’s Weblog.

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