Posted by: talkjack | December 6, 2008

Stacking the odds against unemployed white guys

It looks like New Labour plan to go ahead with Harriet Harman’s plan to make it harder for white guys to work! As announced in the Daily Mail’s article “Queen’s Speech: Firms free to favour female and black applicants”, the government of Bully Britain plan to stack the odds against unemployed white guys finding work. Sounds shocking, does it not?

It sounds like it will work like this:

1. A job is advertised.
2. People apply for work.
3. Shortlisted people are interviewed
4. Interviewed candidates are scored against job criteria. In my experience hiring people in different organisations, this is often done by scoring each interview answer out of five, then averaging the results. This will usually give a small list of people who scored identical high marks if they are capable of doing the job.
5. Under the new proposals, white males will have their legal right to sue for sexual or racial discrimination removed if they are not given the job, but the female or non-white candidates will have more legal rights if an equally qualified (equal scoring?) white guy is offered the job.

Read the original report here.

In my opinion, this is legalised racist and sexist discrimination. Just imagine, if for example, the BNP had sufficient seats in parliament to push through a proposal that used exactly the same technique and almost identical wording to stack the odds against non-white candidates. Everyone would call that racist, right? There really is no difference, except that Harriet Harman’s so called Equality Bill uses the specious argument that equality of success based on skin colour or gender is fairer than equality of opportunity, when everyone has an equal chance of finding work.

Right now the number of unemployed people is rising dramatically in Bully Britain due to the recession. The Nu-Labour government that presided over this plunge into recession could take the opportunity to help the poor unemployed people of all ethnicities and gender to find work, but instead Harriet Harman shows no sympathy to the large number of white guys desperately looking for work.

Harriet is reported to have said that she will not hold back these ‘tough new measures’ because fairness costs nothing. Oh really? I think her idea of fairness will cost jobs for white guys in favour of everyone else. That is what is intended to achieve after all. Discrimination in favour of your political sympathies.

Well, Harriet, my family are voters too. My father is in his sixties and has just been made redundant. He got no redundancy pay because the company went broke under your government. He worked in the building industry, which has suffered greatly in recent months. My poor Dad is unable to find work because of his age. I notice your ‘Equality Bill’ does nothing to help older unemployed people. And given your proposed legislation is to make it even harder for him to ever work again because he is male and his skin is the wrong colour, it appears you don’t care.

Care to guess how many votes Labour are likely to get from the several households which comprise my family, Harriet? Could it be because we feel bullied and discriminated against? Thanks a lot for helping to turn Great Britain into Bully Britain.

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