Talking Back – by Jack.

Talkjack’s  Weblog is about promoting awareness of a mix of civil rights issues, consumer rights and social issues affecting members of the British public.

Well, I have the ‘pleasure’ of living in Coventry in the UK. I write about the things which affect my life, whether they be good or bad.

If I receive excellent service from a company, I will tell you. If I watch a movie or read a book, and think I have something worth saying about it then I will let you know. That way you might be able to avoid any real stinkers and spend your own hard-earned money on things you actually like.

Unlike most magazines, I do not receive advertising revenue from suppliers, therefore I am able to give an honest opinion about goods and services. If something REALLY grinds my gears, I am not afraid to speak the truth.

In Talkjacks Weblog you will find opinions, ideas and sometimes useful information. If you want the further information I try to provide helpful, relevant links.

All content on Talkjack’s Weblog is copyright protected, and may not be reproduced without permission. I usually say yes, but please do the decent thing.

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