Bully Britain

Are we witnessing the birth of Bully Britain? Is the combination of big business tactics and authority policies causing individual members of the public to feel intimidated? How does Talkjack define bullying? Remember, it is not a single act, but the combination of actions by the powerful against the weak which can make individuals feel bullied or intimidated.

How to cure swine flu? Simple! Apply the ‘Star Trek’ method. No, really… take a look!

Confessions of a red light worker.  How to protect yourself from windscreen washer gangs? Picture yourself or someone you care about from the point of view of what most decent people would consider to  be a street criminal.

British car drivers bullied by gangs of professional beggars.  The latest threat to car drivers in Coventry: organised immigrant street beggars interfering with cars in Coventry streets and demanding money from motorists. It seems that bullying car drivers, especially scared lady drivers, is currently in vogue. The authorities appear unwilling or unable to protect the public.

 Priya Ramnath kills patient. Did she play a Get Out of Jail Free card? Which story do you think gets the most news coverage? A doctor killing a patient or a trivial remark by a TV presenter on the other side of the world?

The Great British Light Bulb Ban Every wondered why it is so hard to buy a cheap light bulb now?

Congestion charging in Britain? No means No! Why the government must listen to the British people and take the Manchester vote as a final answer on road pricing in Britain. Do you honestly think the authorities will listen and stop pushing for congestion charges now?

Stacking the odds against unemployed white guys The government of Bully Britain plan to impose laws to make it harder for unemployed white guys to find work despite the recession in Britain and the suffering unemployment is causing to people of all races and gender. Is the white guy soon to be less equal than everyone else?

Amber – a local Coventry busin ess and nuisance caller! Talkjack managed to identify a nuisance caller is based in the UK and therefore should be easily dealt with byh the Telephone Preference Service. Even if the caller lied about his business name, the phone number was clearly identified as being a local Coventry caller touting for business. Will the authorities ever protect us from being harassed by nuisance callers?

Another nuisance caller – Financial Analytics. Some information about a company calling themselves Financial Analytics who nuisance called Talkjack’s home in violation of my Telephone Preference Service registration. If you have been pestered by them too, please feel free to leave a comment.

Are hundreds of small businesses Coventry being bullied into paying extra tax? Read how the authorities are treating small local businesses in Coventry as they impose additional tax during the recession in order to pay for unwanted and / or unneeded services and events such as the Godiva festival. Legal battles, protests and stress in Coventry, in the heart of Bully Britain!

Phones to deal with those nasty nuisance calls: Panasonic KX-TG8323 Fed up with Nuisance Calls, Talkjackfound a nice shiny new Panasonic telephone which has incoming call barring and night mode facilities which are making a real difference by blocking unwanted sales, marketing and other nuisance cold calls. Recomended reading for anyone in Britain fed up with nuisance call harassment.

Stalker Clear Sky spoilt by DRM Another game I was going to buy, but was unable to do so because of the DRM system imposed on UK custoemrs. The Septics version is allegedly clean of Starforce but the version sold in Britain sneaks Starforce DRM onto your PC. Typical bad treatment for British customers. Talkjack is not happy!

Followup to Talkjack’s Nuisance Hall of Shame from last month. Have PC World, 3 or Global Market Research apologised or improved at all? What did the Telephone Preference Service have to say about mobile phone resellers? Have Global Market Research continued their harassment and their intimidating silent calls? You bet!

Talkjack’s Nuisance Hall of Shame – July 2008. Awards, recognition and shame on the marketing practices of PC World, 3 and Global Market Research. Shame on you!

UK home bill payers to receive threatening letters due to allegations from the BPI. The British Phonographic Industry have a new scheme. Based upon BPI suspicion that a file sharer has used a home network, the bill payer (who may be innocent) will receive a formal, possibly worrying, letter from their ISP warning of action against the bill payer. Hundreds of thousands of these letters are planned to be sent to the British public. Talkjack questions the accuracy of this operation and possible intimidation of innocent people.

Does Harriet Harman think discrimination is funny? In Prime Minister’s Questions, MP Harriet Harman tells us that Britain will need more airports to cater for all the men who will want to flee the country! Talkjack spots a similarity between this joke and hate speech.

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