How to stop swine flu spreading in the workplace? Simple! Apply ‘Star Trek’ health and safety techniques. No, really… take a look!

Fallout 3 DRM Bethesda have announced their plans for DRM on Fallout 3. Read the article to understand the rise and sudden fall out Talkjack’s esteem for Bethesda.

Amber – a local Coventry busin ess and nuisance caller! Talkjack managed to identify a nuisance caller is based in the UK and therefore should be easily dealt with byh the Telephone Preference Service. Even if the caller lied about his business name, the phone number was clearly identified as being a local Coventry caller touting for business. Will the authorities ever protect us from being harassed by nuisance callers?

The Witcher Enhanced Edition DRM – How to contact Atari for help to pass their DRM system for this PC expansion. For honest customers only!

Followup to Talkjack’s Nuisance Hall of Shame from last month. Have PC World, 3 or Global Market Research apologised or improved at all? What did the Telephone Preference Service have to say about mobile phone resellers? Have Global Market Research continued their harassment and their intimidating silent calls? You bet!

Talkjack’s Nuisance Hall of Shame – July 2008. Awards, recognition and shame on the marketing practices of PC World, 3 and Global Market Research. Shame on you!

UK home bill payers to receive threatening letters due to allegations from the BPI. The British Phonographic Industry have a new scheme. Based upon BPI suspicion that a file sharer has used a home network, the bill payer (who may be innocent) will receive a formal, possibly worrying, letter from their ISP warning of action against the bill payer. Hundreds of thousands of these letters are planned to be sent to the British public. Talkjack questions the accuracy of this operation and ponders the possibility of innocent people being intimidated.

When a Nanny State turns into ‘Bully Britain’

In the 20th century we used to call it Great Britain. In the 21st century we are losing the freedoms we enjoyed in the past century.  Are we now witnessing the birth of ‘Bully Britain’? Talkjack acknowledges that the combination of actions by the powerful in Britain have the capacity to intimidate individuals. ‘Bully’ Britain. Care to live in Bully Britain?

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