Is DRM killing PC games? (Part 1)

Talkjack’s eye opening report on the aggressive DRM systems now being deployed against paying customers. Does installing a computer game on your PC causing you problems? (If you are looking for the PC Gamers DRM Charter, this is the document you want!)

Is DRM killing PC games? (Part 2)

An account of Talkjack’s personal struggles, wasted time and money thanks to games which covertly installed the StarForce DRM system. Also a look at other people’s reactions to StarForce. If you have ever installed a PC game, do you know which DRM system it used? What sort of changes does StarForce make to your PC? Read this lengthy article to find out more!

Is DRM killing PC Games (Part 3)

The third installment of Talkjack’s report on  the affect DRM is having on PC gaming. This time Securom goes under scrutiny.

Two Worlds Epic Edition DRM Info Essential DRM restriction information withheld on retail purchases at the time of sale. Why Talkjack recommeds buying Mount and Blade instead of Two Worlds Epic (or any) Edition!

DRM Info: Sacred 2, No Thank You! Looking for DRM information for Sacred 2? Want to find out what DRM system Sacred 2 Fallen Angel uses? Is the game worth the price? Read on.

How to identify if a PC games contains nasty DRM? Look for the logo! EA stands for Electronic Aggravation.

Fallout 3 DRM Bethesda have announced their plans for DRM on Fallout 3. Read the article to understand the rise and sudden fall out Talkjack’s esteem for Bethesda.

Stalker Clear Sky spoilt by DRM Another game I was going to buy, but was unable to do so because of the DRM system imposed on UK custoemrs. The Septics version is allegedly clean of Starforce but the version sold in Britain sneaks Starforce DRM onto your PC. Talkjack’s playing Sins of a Solar Empire instead!

The Witcher Enhanced Edition DRM – How DRM took the shine off the awesome free expansion for The Witcher, and meant an honest customer could not play at all. Talkjack feels jealous that pirates have all the fun, thanks to DRM!

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