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Confessions of a red light worker.  Why don’t the British authorities protect the public from this organised bullying of people like you or someone you care about?

British car drivers bullied by gangs of professional beggars.  The latest threat to car drivers in Coventry: organised immigrant street beggars interfering with cars in Coventry streets and demanding money from motorists. It seems that bullying car drivers, especially scared lady drivers, is currently in vogue. The authorities appear unwilling or unable to protect the public.

Congestion charging in Britain? No means No! Why the government must listen to the British people and take the Manchester vote as a final answer on road pricing in Britain. Do you honestly think the authorities will listen and stop pushing for congestion charges now?

Stacking the odds against unemployed white guys The government of Bully Britain plan to impose laws to make it harder for unemployed white guys to find work despite the recession in Britain and the suffering unemployment is causing to people of all races and gender. Is the white guy soon to be less equal than everyone else?

Talkjack’s NHS hospital experience. If you or someone you care about is going into hospital for an operation then this diary might give you some clues on what to expect. Read about some of the good healthcare Talkjack received from the NHS, along with some absurd, farcical treatment. A patient’s conclusions about the NHS. If you have had good, bad, absurd or amusing treatment at the hands of the National Health Service then feel free to leave a comment and share your experiences.

Are hundreds of small businesses Coventry being bullied into paying extra tax? Read how the authorities are treating small local businesses in Coventry as they impose additional tax during the recession in order to pay for unwanted and / or unneeded services and events such as the Godiva festival. Legal battles, protests and stress in Coventry, in the heart of Bully Britain!

When a Nanny State turns into ‘Bully Britain’

In the 20th century we used to call it Great Britain. In the 21st century we are losing the freedoms we enjoyed in the past century.  Are we now witnessing the birth of ‘Bully Britain’?

Harriet Harman’s government plans will deny jobs to unemployed white men in the UK

An attempt to legalise some types of discrimination in the UK

Coventry Council’s rubbish service

What the rubbish collection service is like for tax payers in Coventry.

The risks of renewing your car tax disc online

Why the DVLA told me not to renew my car tax online

The NHS Choose and Book system in action

What the NHS Choose and Book system is about; a patient’s  perspective.

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